Tips for Increasing MPG for Gasoline-Powered EFI/OBDII-Compliant (1996 and newer) Vehicles

1. EFI logic uses the Air/Fuel Ratio in the cars Fuel Map. This means that if there is
less air detected by the Air Flow Sensor,
the car computer (ECU) is forced to inject less fuel.

So to use less fuel block the air intake after the Air Flow sensor.

Follow the diagram below

Video showing how it is done on a 2006 Honda Civic

2. Inject enough Hydroxy gas to recover lost power from doing step #1

HHO Booster Installation Diagram

Powering the HHO Booster Diagram

Platinum-anode HHO Booster

3. For boosters powered by 12 - 14 Volt DC, set current draw to approximately 10 Amps per Platinum-anode booster.

4. Always use distilled water to protect the Platinum anode.

5. Use Current-Controlled PWM to prevent run away heating

Rick Lawrence - Version of CCPWM

6. Use Spark Plugs that have larger spark

7. Use a Fuel Pre-Heater

Use a Fuel Pre-Heater